A spy crime thriller and romance novel with spiritual content

“I loved reading your book… Very riveting and inspiring, too. Well done!!” D. P.

A glimpse inside…

Meet some of the characters

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Dani Wells – Abductee

Dani Wells has been living the good life. That is about to change when what was meant for Jane Russell becomes her unthinkable reality.

Jack Wells – Dani’s husband – a man on a mission to save his lover.
Jane AKA Dani – the case of a mistaken identity that puts Dani in the center of a sinster game of Spy or Die.
Bentley – Jack’s endearing retired K9 who adds spice, conflict and character to the Spy or Die narrative. 
A snippet from Scene 4

The dirty, white van with its two occupants is still parked directly across the street. Windows tinted, the occupant’s actions go unnoticed by passers-by. The driver raises a pair of binoculars to his eyes for the umpteenth time and peers across the street towards the popular coffee house.

“This is taking a mite longer than expected,” he muttered. “It looks like she’s finishing up now. She’s draining her cup.” He continued to give an account of the moves the woman in the window was making; more it seemed to himself than his partner. “Soon as she moves to go, we travel.”

“Got a light?” asked his partner.

“What? You moron. Put that away. Do you know what we’re doing here?” The driver didn’t expect an answer. “#!%$, a delivery truck right in my #%&!’ view!” “Move, move, MOVE.” The driver slammed his open hand onto the steering wheel. “Tom, get out and do something. Post her position. Now! Move man. We’ve got to keep her in our sights.”

Tom came to attention. He wasn’t the brighter of the two, but by the looks of him, he could have moved the van on his strength alone. He opened the van door, stepped out, and casually stepped towards the newspaper stand a few feet in front of them. Taking his time, he went through his pockets, looking for loose change. Not able to see the window across the street, he moved ahead a few more paces.

Traffic suddenly became congested and commercial vehicles lined the street, blocking his view. Then the delivery truck pulled out into the street, and things started to move again. Tom casually made his way back to the van.

“She’s right where we left her, Gerry, buddy,” Tom said. “We still got her in our sights.”

Gerry didn’t answer, his attention focused entirely on the subject. He noticed the “subject” was sipping her drink again. “What? I thought she finished that java already.”

“Whaddya say?” Tom asked. “Nothin’. Nothin’.” Silence once again in the van. Gerry reached for his cigarettes, then hesitated, his hand hovered over the box. He pulled his hand back and placed it back on the steering wheel. Tom chuckled. “I know, it’s tempting, isn’t it?”

Gerry ignored Tom. Twenty-three minutes passed. Then Gerry reached for the key and turned on the ignition. “Looks like she’s leaving. OK, OK, she’s leaving for real this time.”

The two men watched as the woman took her last sip, grabbed her bag, and slid out of the booth. Gerry turned the key, put the van into gear, and moving with the traffic, slipped into the lane, and seeing a break in the traffic, made a sharp left turn into the Starbucks parking lot.

A snippet from Scene 11 

Jack and Bentley join Chief Copper in his police cruiser. Bentley is sitting in the back seat, his muzzle in the space between the two front seats. He whines softly. His ears perk forward as he listens to the police radio chatter, head tilted to the side, a thin stream of drool slides from the corners of his jowls.

“Looks like Bentley’s not too impressed with retirement.”

“I think he misses the action as much as I do. Retirement came too early for this K9 officer. It’s all coming back, heh buddy?”

Bentley’s responded with an enthusiastic bark that splattered spittle everywhere.

“OK, that’s just gross…”

“You think!”

A radio transmission interrupted the light-hearted banter.

Police Dispatcher:

510, a Mrs. Heather Benson, 6345 Union Street, just called in to report a white van with at least two male occupants, travelling at excessive speeds, yesterday at approximately10:30 hours. The description of the stolen vehicle matches the one used in Dani Well’s abduction. Repeat, 6345 Union Street.”

“That’s by the waterfront. There’s a couple of abandoned warehouses down that area,” Chief Copper said.

Dispatcher: “Mrs. Benson’s boy and a couple of neighbour kids were playing soccer in the back alley when this incident occurred. The mother and her son, Jimmy, reported the van nearly ran the kids over. She sounded pretty upset.”

The Chief turned on the flashers as he pressed his foot on the accelerator. “We are going to pay a visit to the Benson home.”

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